Aau Nationals

Taelyn Tolle

Hailey Trillo

Brittany Rivers

Daniella Graham

Aarushi Vyas

Kaylin Waszkiewicz

Jade Venderwyst

Graci Nunenkamp

Kendall Johnson

Arianna Deukmedjian

Taylor Steigerwald

Evie Ryals

Madison Hannah

Meghan Bocinsky

Bria De La Hoz

Rachel Nagel

Skyy Ferry

Mariah Morales

Ana Gent

Libby Ashline

Ellie Sheets

Lauren Garvey

Andrea Zavalla

Madison Ridenour

Brook Baggette

Kaylyn Barton

Makenzie Bellotte

Amanda Gecaj

Andrea Pimiento

Hailey Gamerl

Faith Laboy

Kayleen Peterson




What is AAU Nationals?

AAU Nationals is the largest volleyball tournament in recorded history.  It takes place in mid June every year at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida.  Teams come from all 50 states and even from other countries to compete in this massive celebration of volleyball.  This volleyball event has it all! Hundreds of volleyball courts, tons of vendors & shopping, competition at the highest level, and so much more.  

At this event, you get a sense for the national community of volleyball that we have in our great nation.  It is an honor to be part of and we are lucky that it is in our backyard.  We would be happy to bring whoever wants to compete in this tournament but we need to get a head count soon!

Each age group's tournament takes place over 4 days.

14 & younger: June 17-20

15, 17 & 18: June 21-24

16: June 25-28

Sounds fun, what about the logistics?

The tournament spans 4 days per age group.  We would put the girls up in a rental house and transport them back and forth to the tournament.  We would cook breakfast lunch and dinner for them each night and host fun activities for the in between play times.  We would need 3 chaperones per team to help with driving, cleaning, and cooking.

Opening Ceremonies

The day before the tournament starts Dinsey's Wide World Of Sports hosts the Opening Ceremonies.  This event is similar to the opening ceremonies to the Olympics but made for kids!  We will see teams represented from all 50 states and Puerto Rico at this event, each team is dressed crazier than the next.  Each team is announced and are featured on the Jumbotron at the Wide World of Sports Baseball Facility.  Professional musicians and dancers perform for entertainment value, the AAU president comes out to wish the girls luck and explain to them the magnitude of the tournament they are playing in, Mickey and Minnie usually make an appearance, and the night ends with fireworks!  We will provide the girls with the proper attire to match the fun atmosphere of the event!


Attending AAU Nationals costs $500 total and with that you get the following:

  • Practices throughout the month of May & June before the tournament

  • Entry into the 4 day tournament

  • Opening Ceremonies gear

  • AAU T Shirt

  • Summer Spirit T Shirt

  • 3 nights in the rental house

  • Transportation to and from the tournament/hotel

  • All food and drink for the duration of the tournament


Payments can be made in full or in 2 installments of $250

Spirit Volleyball Club Director: Bonnie Priester