Spirit Volleyball Club Director: Bonnie Priester



Color Wars

What is Color Wars?

Color wars is a special event we host every year right before Spring Break.  We create new teams of athletes within the same age group and have a round robin tournament on a week night to replace practice for that week.  We provide t-shirts to the teams to be worn on tournament night and encourage oodles of team spirit for this event.  In the past we have seen the kids paint their faces, wear matching tutus, make signs, put glitter in their hair, and wear hats to match their team's theme.  This is meant to be a celebration of their progress in the sport and historically it has been a very fun night for the athletes.


But the fun doesn't stop with them!  This is an awesome night to bring friends and family who wouldn't otherwise attend a regular tournament.  There is lots of action and we can get the tournament done in about 2 hours so this is perfect for grandparents or busy aunts and uncles to come see the girls progress.  The best part of the night for our guests is the serving game!  Admission for spectators is $5.00, students are free.  Entry into the serving game is also $5.00.

What is the serving game?

For $5 you can buy your way in to the serving game.  We arrange lots of vintage Spirit Volleyball gear on the gym floor,  we'll line up all of our participants close to the net opposite side of the net, and if your serve hits something you get to keep it!  You get lots of tries to serve the ball and we'll have multiple lines going at once so you don't need to worry about your serving skills.  This is fun for everyone in the family so be sure to buy your $5 ticket early!  

Teams will be chosen in March!