Release Policy

Spirit Volleyball Club

Club Release & Transfer Policy

If an athlete/family decides to depart Spirit Volleyball during the respective season, the following steps must take place:   

  1. Release Policy: The athlete/family in question must submit a written request for release to the Club Director and to the Florida Region at stating the reason for the request.   

  1. Spirit Volleyball Club will release the athlete immediately once the following item(s) have been completed: 

  2. Athlete returns all club gear provided to athlete this season.  

  3. Member must remit all financial obligations agreed upon contractually.  Payment Option – Member pays full cost of season.

  4. Transfer Policy: There are no transfers allowed in the Florida Region without extenuating circumstances. A player can represent only one club during the Season. A change in geographical location of the family due to a change in job, military, scholastic or inner-collegiate status may receive special consideration. No player may participate in different Qualifying events with different clubs/teams.  Proof of residency must be provided by the family at the time of the release/transfer request.

  5. Once an athlete has participated in a National Qualifier Event (Regional or NQ) they may not be released for the rest of the season to another club. Please refer to the USA Volleyball (USAV) policy on releases on athletes that participate in regional or national qualifying/bid events. Please refer to the Girls’ Junior National Qualifier/Spring Championships/Championships Manual.

Spirit Volleyball Club Director: Bonnie Priester