Grievance Policy

Using tact when approaching a coach about a grievance is key to arriving at a meaningful solution.  Our coaches have been instructed by the directors to have the team as a whole AND every athlete in mind when making the game plan. If at some point you are confused or concerned about a coaching decision we recommend you go through the following steps in order, if the problem is not resolved after trying the first step, progress to the second etc.


1. The athlete should first speak to the coach about the matter.


2. The parents should speak or meet with the coach as early as the day after a tournament.


**A parent should never approach a coach at a tournament. Coaches are put under a tremendous amount of stress in their attempt to get all of the girls to the court on time, in their positions, doing their jobs, having good team chemistry, etc.  Tournaments are not a good time to discuss playing time with a coach given all they have to juggle on that particular day.  The recommended time for a parent to schedule a meeting is usually before or immediately following a scheduled practice.  A phone call or email would also suffice.


3. The parent, coach, and athlete will meet with the club director to resolve an issue.  


Spirit Volleyball encourages the student athlete to discuss playtime concerns with their coach directly.  Coaches will always give advice to the player about the skills they can improve upon so that they can become a bigger contributor come game time.    Sometimes parents are unhappy with play time, but this does not reflect the feelings of the athlete.  Please be sure to speak with your daughter about play time to make sure you have the same outlook on the matter.  Coaches need not defend their “coaching decisions” to parents or athletes.  Playtime is very complex and our coaches are always trying to do what is best for the team.  


Other Policies regarding grievances:

1. Spirit Volleyball will not tolerate hostile, aggressive confrontations between a parent and any official, coach, athlete, or another parent, whether the confrontation is within the club or not. Violation of this policy may result in the athlete being dismissed from club.

2. It is inappropriate for an athlete or parent to approach other parents and athletes about a problem.  This just spreads unnecessary negativity.

3. Anyone, parent or player, who witnesses or hears of something inappropriate can always discuss their thoughts with the club directors with a phone call or email.  


Refund Policy


Spirit Volleyball will discuss and honor a refund, or a “stop in payments” due to medical condition/injury or the family relocating to a new area.  Any dispute with the club must be submitted in writing, including the date of incident or injury, Dr. Notes including type and length of the disability, and the duration of club participation. All disputes which include complete documentation as previously stated will be considered. Refunds of this nature will be awarded on a case by case basis and will not include fees that have previously been paid for services or equipment.  


Spirit Volleyball does not award refunds or “stop in payments” for families who are unhappy with their experience or any other reason than those stated above 


Spirit Volleyball Club Director: Bonnie Priester